Meet our gorgeous new Carnival Collection of carved Lucite bracelets.  This beauty is called 'Peepshow' and it's a 1" carved Cuff.   It features an Applejuice ribbon body with reverse-carved and painted inner lines to create a stunning visual effect.  This Cuff matches perfectly with our 'Peepshow' and 'Carousel' spacers (as shown).


Pricing is for 1 'Peepshow' cuff.

Carnival Collection - 'Peepshow' Cuff

Color Choice
  • This new bracelet is available in Queen (2 1/2"  or 65mm inside diameter) and Duchess (2 3/4" or 75mm  inside diameter).

    The width (height) of the bracelet is approximately 1" or 25mm.

  • These bracelets are durable, strong and beautiful.  They will be absolutely fine in water (so you can wear them to all of your pool-side parties)!  We recommend that you do not spray perfume, sunscreen, hairspray, bug spray or other aerosols directly on them as this may cause the colors to fade.

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